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Flatten your tummy, firm your buttocks, slim your thighs and legs. Look good naked!


Combine the daily usage of our Slimming Brief Shorts, Shaping Cream and Leggings to achieve a slim, toned, firm body.


The leggings is so comfortable to wear. After 3 weeks I have noticed a remarkable difference and lost 3 inches off my waistline, and my legs appear to be toned!"

Kay Zabala Herrera, mom and grandmother, 55 years old

I've been wearing the leggings and shaping cream daily, and after 3 weeks my thighs and buttocks is firm and toned. The leggings is stretchable, comfortable and not hot."

Citra Dewi, 47 years old

I love the shaping cream, its cooling and I find my tummy is getting toned and cellulite at the back of my thighs aren't so obvious. The leggings has made my thighs smaller and not so flabby."

Nik Hanizah, 52 years old

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