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Shape and Slim Leggings
Shape and Slim Leggings
Shape and Slim Leggings
Shape and Slim Leggings

Shape and Slim Leggings

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This isn't just another pair of leggings.


Comes with special designed panels that are positioned at problematic areas of your body that need some help; flattens the flabby parts of your tummy, lifts your buttocks to where they were when you were in your twenties, takes inches off your thighs and hips, and slim your knees and lower calves.


It's made of nylon, spandex, bamboo cotton, and infused with tourmaline which all combined help to make it cooling to be worn at home even if you're only under the fan doing your house chores. 


We advice wearing them daily, at least for a few hours -- when you're at home, out jogging or at the gym, and under your pants for work or leisure. And soon enough you will get used to the fabric laying snuggly on your skin.


Some ladies who are used to girdles just love these leggings as not only are they comfortable, these babies actually support your back and you tend to sit and walk tall. Now isn't that great for your posture?


Wear them and see an immediate slimmer silhouette, corrects your posture, and helps with circulation of your legs, and in a few weeks, voila a slimmer you.


Comes in one size, fits ladies who are up to 72kg. 

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